• Location: 1025 West 56th Street, Hialeah, Florida

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This 2 story, $5 million dollar endeavor is located at 1025 West 56th Street, Hialeah, Florida. The project was complete in June 2003.

  • The two story classroom building houses approximately 600 students and includes new pedestrian access.
  • The new play shelter totaled 2,686 NSF.
  • The new Dinning Room expansion, adjacent to the New media Center is 2,000 SF.
  • New Custodial Area with receiving equipment storage and service closet approximates 932 SF.
  • New Main Pedestrian Entry located between the new media center and the 2 story classroom building.
  • A new passenger elevator serves the 2-Story classroom addition, adjacent to the new entry.
  • New Facility /Staff parking lot has been provided at the east side of the existing dining area. There are 30 new spaces added to the existing 110.
  • New sidewalks connecting the existing building to new Media Center.
  • New covered walkways connecting the administration Building to the new Bus Drop-Off area.

This Design Build venture consists of a new Classroom Building, Play Shelter and Dining Room. Furthermore, a new Bus Drop off Area was needed, along with new Facility and Staff Parking, new sidewalks and a Primary Pedestrian Entry. Unique to this site is the fact that all new additions and buildings were designed to create an entirely new façade for the school.